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The Web represents the leading edge of 21st century publishing, communications, and application design. Unfortunately, web education is still in the dark ages. InterACT With Web Standards presents a badly needed course correction. Armed with this book, educators can better serve tomorrow's web designers, and through them, millions of users.

Jeffrey Zeldman author, Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition

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More Than Just a Book

InterACT With Web Standards is the companion book to the InterACT curriculum created by The Web Standards Project. If you are an educator, InterACT's 17 courses in 6 learning tracks that dove tail into the readings in this book will make it easy to teach your students contemporary web design best practices.

InterACT is also part of a larger education initiative called the Open Web Education Alliance, a W3C incubator group helping to bridge the gap between industry and education.

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Table of Contents

  1. 1: InterACT
  2. 2: Tools
  3. 3: Learning on the Web
  4. 4: Internet Fundamentals
  5. 5: Writing for the Web
  6. 6: Information Architecture Intro
  7. 7: Site Planning
  8. 8: Content Analysis
  9. 9: Content Strategy
  10. 10: HTML Intro
  11. 11: CSS Intro
  12. 12: <head>
  13. 13: Headings and Paragraphs
  1. 14: Whitespace
  2. 15: Links
  3. 16: Images
  4. 17: Lists
  5. 18: Tables
  6. 19: Forms
  7. 20: Floats
  8. 21: Positioning
  9. 22: Accessibility Intro
  10. 23: Accessibility Helps
  11. 24: Accessibility Testing
  12. 25: Bringing it All Together
  13. Index
InterACT Wth Web Standards: A Holistic Approach to Web Design

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